Saturday, August 8, 2009


Mark recently graduated with his Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, and we have been looking for a job since school ended. We found one in a teeeeeny tiny town called Escalante, UT, a therapist position at a ranch for troubled youth. Well, Mark went out for an interview, and after thinking and weighing and praying we really felt that this could be the best move for us. We got so jazzed up that we have already been anxiously completing renovation on our remaining rooms so we can sell our home, and I have even (cough cough) started packing!
So yesterday was the day we were going to find out if Mark had the job. I was so excited, and 98% certain it would be a yes. I even left work early in anticipation so we could celebrate.
Mark called me with the reply, but it wasn't as awesome as I would have hoped.
In Marriage and Family Therapy, post-grad students need to accrue a certain number of supervised hours, that is, they need to have an approved supervisor they see regularly to make sure everything is going well. After that requirement is fulfilled (usually takes about 2 years) they can truly practice on their own.
Well the ranch had a supervisor they have used for this purpose before, but that person is no longer available to supervise. Since the area is so rural, it could be very difficult to find another available supervisor in the time frame they need. At this point our getting the job is dependent on somebody calling us back (Mark made like, 8 million phone calls yesterday) by about the middle of next week and being willing to provide supervision.
Not as rosy as I would have hoped.

Because of this bummer, I think I have lost motivation to accomplish the stuff I had planned for this weekend. So I will have to manufacture some motivation. I am going to write down the things I want to do, and then I will write back tomorrow night letting you know what I actually did.
  1. 1. For exercise, take Oscar for an intense bike ride. Good for my thighs, good for tiring out the dog so he doesn't bug me while I accomplish other things.
  2. Finish painting the closet, and then sorting and putting away Mark's clothes.
  3. Empty my closet and paint it.
  4. Wash, iron, sort my clothes, put all away.
  5. Get groceries, make dinner.
  6. Plan lesson for class on Sunday


  1. File paperwork (totally been putting this off)
  2. Weed garden (!)
  3. Bathe doggies (May need to do this today, not Sunday)
  4. Paint hall cabinets
  5. Make dinner (it never ends!)

And with that, I had better get crackin!

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